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Tourism in kribi


The Lobe waterfall is in the south region of Cameroon, located at about seven kilometers from Kribi, 310 kilometers from Yaoundé. This touristic site is rare in the world because the Lobe River flows directly into the Atlantic Ocean and constitute the major attraction of Kribi.

This region has large sandy beaches where two species of sea turtles come to nest: the leatherback turtle and the olive riley turtle.

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Cameroon becomes one of the popular tourist destinations since the last decades. More than one million travelers visit Cameroon every year. Best Cameroon tours are one of the best sources of income for the government of Cameroon. Cameroon tours have everything that you would like to have in your trip such as jungle safari, mountains, stretched cost lines, ethnic groups, wildlife consisting of birds, gorillas, chimps, elephants, and monkeys. Cameroon gives you the best of Africa tourism.

What Cameroon Tour operators Offer:

Cameroon tour operators offer a variety of trips that suit individual and a group need. These tour operators know the insights of Cameroon and help you to connect with the history, culture, and wildlife of it which makes your trip memorable.

Tourism in Cameroon:

For a long time, Cameroon is off the radar for many tourists. People never thought that a tagged county for peace and safety could offer heart touching and eye-catching tourist destinations. If you love shopping, shop unlimited in Yaoundé and Douala. Cameroon villages connect you with the history of the country. People of Cameroon love to share food with travelers. You can enjoy traditionally prepared food such as Manioc leaves, West African peanut soup, Banana bread, Beef with coconut, etc.

If you have not visited Cameroon yet, book your next trip to explore tourism in Cameroon.